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I'm in love with my lust [entries|friends|calendar]
Im in love with my lust

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this is yag [30 Apr 2005|12:23pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

well  what else is em effin new...enter button never works when using ares and im to lazy to open up an internet window...anyway...im still ugly and bad at everything yet still manage to have friends...music is going good solo but the band doesn't seem to be doing well if it even exists...it seems as though hardcore is the new trend and EVERYONE has to be in a hardcore band...why? i dont know...but 99% OF ALL HARDCORE BLOWS....that includes its bastard children and brethren...GRINDCORE AND METALCORE. except atreyu and bands like that but many wouldn't consider them metal/hard core...anyway...our school (MTHS) is full of loud mouthed annoying biggots and fake girls who think they are hot shit....DAVES FAKE BIRTHDAY IS TODAY....sweet shit...got muh nukkaz n my bitchiz sleepin' over...should be a fun event...well i made this entry because adrianne said i could...and if i did id get a special treat...isn't that right aj?!?JK lol...well thats about it other than the fact family guy is premiering tomorrow for its 4th season...its ganna be hilarious i bet....oh and back to the fucking local hardcore shit....everyone feels the need to start a crappy hardcore band with untalented instrumentalists and redundant and crappy screaming....FUCK HARDCORE AND FUCK PEOPLE PRODUCING MUSIC I DO NOT LIKE.

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your sins into me [12 Feb 2005|10:53am]
[ mood | happy ]

well the enter button is down again so bare with me...past 2 weeks or so have been fun...been chillin with melissa(new friend).shes awesome...been hanging out with chip and tracy more..thats cool to...trying to get more people to hang out with...I JUST GOT MY HEADACHE BAG AND BOWFLEX!...I JUST NEED TO CLEAR OUT THE BASEMENT AND SET IT ALL UP...AND IM ON MY WAY TO GETTING IN SHAPE...sexy after party should be going down at angelas...we got a new kid i mths...band practice shall start up again shortly...and we will be working on a badass original...  hI know i say that a lot but im almost sure its going down this time...got new pics up on myspace...updated the band site...we are trying out a new screamer soon and john is finally not grounded...im happy cause i got the next 6 years of my life planned...its badass...im going big...you'll see...hopefully there will be a lot of emus,salad,and hot llama sex with aj along the way.i give life a thumbs up so far...well comment all of you peons...I <4 Kadi

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[31 Jan 2005|01:16pm]
enter button doesnt work when i update on ares...THE BAND IS BACK TOGETHER...kudos to us...the site is back up and we are currently working on an original...i am learning this snazzy r&b song that my teacher is teaching me..im addicted to myspace...SEXY AFTER PARTY AT EITHER MY HOUSE OR MELISSA'S ON THE 4TH OF MARCH!
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two bananas make a yam? [18 Jan 2005|11:39pm]
[ mood | geeky ]

GAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY MY ENTER BUTTON DOESNT WORK WITH ARES SO BARE WITH ME...ILL JUST USE A SERIES OF ELIPSES LIKE I ALWAYS DO...HAH...HAH I DID IT AGAIN...  .....   ...   ...  . ..  . . .. .  .. ... . . . .. . .. ..first offffff mat and chip decided they want to take a break from the band...mat sais so because he just got a job and he is getting his permit soon etc etc...i understand that, that is A okay...chip on the other hand might just quit...he sais we arent geting anywhere...which is partially true because johnifer is always grounded and mike is usually a no show...however, chip is probably one of the laziest and least devoted ones in the band and he has the nerve to say we aren't getting anywhere...if thats not being selfish,ignorant, and/or closed minded i'm not sure what is...so supposing that we do break up which i still am finding unlikely...i may be in denial or not?...either im ganna try and find a new band or me justin mike and maybe mat (and if john isnt still grounded then him too) are going to try and find a new guitarist (and depending on mat and john bassist,drummer,and screamer)...things are indeed a mess in the band world of eric but overall music is going great...im starting to learn piano and how to read music as well as sharpen up my vocal skills...which might i add is very fun...especially cause my teacher is badass and he is getting signed to sony the end of this week...chekc him out at www.erichwald.com or www.purevolume.com and search for erich wald...anyway...if he moves or goes on tour etc im not sure what im going to do...he said he can still teach me during summer but who knows...well if any band needs a vocalist and is reading this just say so...although im not sure why a random person from a band who needs a vocalist would read this???well if you are for further information i am learning piano and banjo...and yes, how to scream as well as use clean and clear vocals...much like that of a boy band...anyway...im supposed to hang out with erin and lisa thios weekend on friday or sunday...hopefully friday...i have work saturday so i can pay my cellular telphone bill...my projects are almost all done except mid terms and a whole bunch of sga stuff is very soon...the nightmare wont end...also atreyu is playing soon as is hawthorne heights...i wanna go to both shows...if you want to go say so and i can provide you with further information if you cannot get any...i hung out with sunday night amanda purr,mike,and dave slept over...ange had to leave...it was a little tedius...but fun none the less...amanda now has a passion for kingdom hearts...isnt that right amanda?..well im ready for another weekend of failed plans...so bring em on fuckers.well thats all for now...pace niggas

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to eat a baby [13 Jan 2005|05:04pm]
[ mood | content ]

Well first of all i'd like to show you all one method of eating a baby...

join me in my baby eating cause and hey...you can spice them up with salt or pepper if you want to.

anyway....lets get some things cleared up

-I am pro-cannabilism

-I am NOT sexist

-Satanism does not involve sacrificing anything

School was okay today...i found out some people actually think Girls ( in general ) say "i love you" in a fake manner less than guys ( in general ) do. 

first off

-girls just randomly say "i love you" ...usually just to show they are happy with you

-girls lead guys on more than guys do girls...girls just get the wrong signals

-girls get lonely more often and quicker when not with a companion

-some girls say "i love you" and mean it but have quick changes in emotions

-girls do not know what they want more often than guys do

OF COURSE NOT ALL GIRLS ARE LIKE THIS....i am not ignorant...however, i do speak from experience, my friends experiences, and what i randomly observe.

I can't tell you people how many times girls tell me they love me...that sounds really conceted bu i am trying to make a point.

however, i know none of them mean it...and it gets annoying...from importance of sayings that display affection i would have to put them in this order...

3.I heart you

2.I love you

1.I'm in love with you

guys might say "i love you" more than girls with intentions of intercourse, but girls say it for random and casual compensation.


ANYWAY....i came up with a solution to the whole "i love you" thing....


its so great...its like...you find a person you are physically and/or mentally attracted to and do stuff with them...because when it comes down to it...bringing FALSE emotions into sex or sexual activity does more bad than good... and when its up to eric...everything is good ;-D . of course some chemistry can be involved...there usually always is...but it gives you freedom as a teen...because guys, lets face it, with school,after school activity, extracurricular activity, our raging hormones, family emergenies, and random pandas...who can really deal with a significant other?

why does sexual activity have to have emotion involved(emotion meaning a sense of relationship)? its what society created for us...well let me tell you what guys and girls, you can be happy engaging in some intimate actions with a friend and not having a relationship such as that of a girlfriend/boyfriend thing.

so unless you REALLY love,like,or lust someone...don't say you do..keep it physical and keep it happy

I know i seem somewhat sexist dissing women in general 2 times in a row...but my english class pretty much got me on this topic...its odd how things work...but i can assure most of the ladies out there whom i know...i both like and lust you.

ON to another topic....


my team so far is...

Calvin Zuaki

Eric Perdeck

Casey Kiprakis

Erin Kutz

Carlos Rivera

Sean McKay

if you need to know anything about the hunt ask me...

thats all for now i suppose...when you leave a comment tell me what you think is better by putting the number of the situation directly after your comment

1 - Friends

2 - Friends with benefits

3 - Boyfriend/Girlfriend

PS:keep the comments coming on the post before this one...i worked hard on it...mainly because my comp froz 32057 times and i had to rewrite it a lot.

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[11 Jan 2005|04:57pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

Well its time for the Q-point and todays topic is women...if you are a woman and are reading this you should X out and cook me a steak (preferably with a side of potatoes). 

first off...as most men and women already know i'm not exactly a ladies man, i'm not to liked by the female gender, and i get ditched or blown off all the time...so heres my rage put in a sophisticated manner online....okay...i lied...this won't be a very "sophisticated entry".

ps:some of this is just for humor,some of this is my true feelings,and some does not apply to all women...but you should all get the jist of whats going down...and no i do not hate women...well, not all women.

first let me introduce you readers to my first topic....

1.Women feeling they should get special treatment

heres 10 things one random woman thinks guys should do for her...i will put my opinion under

10 Things a  Perfect Guy would do
1. Hold your hands or put his arm around you.

(if i want to get herpes then yes...i will hold your hand or put my arm around you)

2. Put his jacket around you when you are cold.

(well if the bitch i'm giving my jacket to is cold then i'll probably be cold too...so ef that)

3. Make sure he has room for you on his busy schedule.


4. Call you almost everyday.

(So you can bitch and complain some more to me)

5. Tell all his friends about you.

(if i wanted to lose all of my friends by talking about a boring moron then i guess i would)

6. Think about you all the time.

(i would rather scrape the excretement off of my cat's litter box and rub it on myself then think about some neandertal who probably doesn't have a thought of me in her mind anyway)

7. Dream about you all the time.

(oh thats a good one...let me come up with a machine or get hypnotized so i can dream about you all the time...let me stop my good dreams about violence,sex,eating babys,and kicking my peers in the face so i can dream about you...i can also control my dreams...hey maybe when i wake up i will pull down the stars and bring them to your house because thats possible and everything...stupid,stupid bitch.)

8. If your an identical twin/triplets..he would always know which one you are.

(WTF?!...sure...ill brand your forehead with a Q so i know you're my bitch...of course that would be after i slept with your two sisters and pretended i thought it was you...)

9. Compliments you.

(complement me)

10. Most important...Love you no matter what.

(first off...i didn't love ou to begin with...and if you cheat on me,fuck with me,hurt any of my family or friends...i'm taking you out.)

i took that idea of 10 things a guy should do for a girl from maddox www.thebestpageintheunivers.com

(i had a really nice,long,and informal section for thios but a pasting inncident occured so ill type a summary of it)

I think equal rights are great...but if women are supposed to be equal to men we should be able to hit them like they are...now i personally do not approve of hitting ladies...ladies being women with class and decency...what i'm saying is....if a bitch comes at me swinging for no reason or no good reason...im swinging back...no bullshit.


For some reason girls who are physicaly attractive they can do whatever they want...they think they can get away with anything.  WEll guess what...you probably can...but its still wrong and intolerable by me and a few guys...some of my friends put up with bitching and constant complaining that they don't even care about...there is no doubt men are just as fake as women...accept me...im real...im the man...anyway, parking tickets,ditching,being somewhat intelligent,not being a whore,being honest,not being a complete bitch, and being a real person are just some things good looking girls think they are exempt from.  However, with most of these girls i could have a better conversation with a block of wood...oh yes people...the stereotypes are real...so many hot girls are either air heads or really bitchy...they think they can just ditch you, smack you, be complete morons, or not get anything accomplished with their life. (I had more for the following but once again…my comp froze so ill summarize it.)

4.UGLY/FAT GIRLS                                                                      

Ew,no,bad,gross,and go away...if i see an attractive girl i will go towards them rather than the beastly looking one...anyone would...so don't lie...this is the fourth time i had to write this section because my computer is very gay...so i will give a brief summary of my thoughts.  If you are an ugly girl and you aren't cool then you're screwed because noone will put up with your shit.  So if you want to make mistakes, expect to be confused for some sort of animal and shot on site.  Now in case someone is interested in meeting a cool and/or nice fat and/or ugly girl i have some tips for you(most of these apply mainly to very fat girls).

1.If she is with one or a few attractive friends than she is most likely a skanky bitch who is looking to swoop in on you when you are talking to her hot friend.

2.If she is wearing baggy clothing...stay away.

3.If she is wearing tight clothing, a bikini, or a belly shirt, go to the nearest butcher shop,house,or restaurant, then grab a knife.  Go back to the girl and chuck it at her face...I can't stand when obese girls think "big is beautiful" and feel the need to show off their repulsive corpulence.

4.If she is naked cover her with napalm and throw a match on the bitch.

well thats all my advice for now


Girls have such a mysterious way of asking for complements...okay, i lied.  It is very blatent and very annoying.  Here is the average girl/guy conversation

girl: i'm so ugly

guy: no you're not

girl: stop lying

guy: i'm not

girl: yes you are

heres a girl who repeats the same thing every day and me in a conversation

girl: im so ugly

me: yeah you are

girl: your so mean!

its a lose-lose situation with girls...you're either a lier or you're mean.  Whats the point of even complementing them? That very situation happens to millions of people over the world and i'm tired of it...which is why i developed the Superior System Of Reasssurance (SSOR).  This system allows a female to say whatever negative things she wants to about herself...and for NO CHARGE I will reassure them otherwise.  However, this only lasts for 10 self insults!  And once that is done I just reassure them they are right! Isn't it great?  I have fun, they get the truth, and at the end of the day I eat someone under the age of 6! Other than that, girls need to stop needing complements to get through the day. Stop being whining idiots for one day in your miserable vice-filled lives!


A lot of girls find the need to lie all the time.  Never ask a girl what they have done sexually unless you are like a brother to them.  Otherwise they will feed you bullshit.  Instead of just saying, "I don't want to tell you." They say things like...

"I'm a virgin." (hah)

"I've never seen a penis."

"I never did things with a guy/girl."

Other than that girls like to ditch.  So if you are going to befriend a girl i can tell you now you better have a back up because they can never hang out and when they say they can they will just ditch you anyway. And to make it worse they will come up with cool excuses like...

"My grandma died." (when she didn't)

"I forgot."(is that an excuse)

"I had to visit my uncle."

"I fell asleep."

"I made plans."

"I'm going shopping instead."

Have all of those excuses been used on me...no...most of them haven't and most might have not have been used on anyone before.  However, there is a good chance they were. Yes, I have been ditched (at least in my mind) many times before and it is pretty annoying, which is why i have about 0 tolerance for that crap now. 



Girls are hornier than guys and most are more perverted than guys. Girls always think...


1.Alls we want is sex

2.We always stare at their ass or breasts

3.We are on a never ending quest to see them naked

4.Most of us don't respect women and are womanizers


Well thats it for now...if you have any negative feelings towards me now than just remember how captiviating i am...then go shoot yourself...but before i finish i must say this...

THANK YOU!!! and that thank you goes out to all of the females who are decent,classy, and/or virtuous THANK YOU to the ladies who make my life good and thank you to the ladies who take honesty,trustworthiness, and virtuosity seriousely.

dont forget to visit www.sosband.d4a.com !!!

comment with any questions,opinions,bitching,or support

457,986,001 women now hate me
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well [07 Jan 2005|03:34pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

well this is my new live journal...its pretty gay i had to scrap my old one...well..add me to your friends list if you haven't...more updates coming soon i suppose  pace niggas

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[07 Jan 2005|03:33pm]
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